SEO Tips for Marketing Your Website to the Right Audience

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Each day, millions of people use the web. Many of them are your target customers. But how do you get your website in front of these ideal clients? Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you will automatically be exposed to many users. And, even if you do have a lot of traffic, not all your visitors will be converted to real customers. This … Read More

20 Ways for Bloggers to Quickly Overcome Writer’s Block


Launch your favorite writing tool and then you’re all at once hit with a blank screen. You start searching for ideas but nothing comes. You take a sip of coffee and then look out the window for a few minutes. An idea comes but you immediately feel like it’s no good and not worth writing about. Whether your a blogger, marketer or content writer we … Read More

5 Tools to Grow Your Business this Spring

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5 tools to grow your business online this spring

Spring is a time for growth. Especially if you live in the North, the prospect of warmer days and greener trees growing everywhere is exciting! Even the thought of mowing the grass is fun–at first. Flowers will be blossoming, birds will be chirping and the world will just be cheerful all around. You also are probably excited at the potential to grow your business this … Read More

Could an Old Blog Image Cost Your Company $8,000?

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You Should Check (and Possibly Delete) Your Old Images. Like right away. There’s beenĀ a crazy development out in the wild world of the World Wide Web. Companies with knowledge of the law have managed to exploit companies out of thouseands of dollars. How do they do it? They purchase old licensed and stock photography and then find copies of these been suing and in some … Read More